• 21 years old
  • trafficker

Jamie grew up with an extremely violent father who abused him and his mother. Although Jamie was scared of him, his father was his big hero: a big, strong pimp with lots of money and always surrounded by women. Jamie wasn’t interested in school; he wanted to make money quickly, just like his dad.

From a young age, still at boarding school, Jamie started to arrange for young girls to meet men for money. He persuaded vulnerable girls and promised them beautiful things. Many of the girls had already been abused and had no-one to turn to. He deceived the girls into believing that together they could build up something, but first they had to help him pay off his debts. The girls he had charmed were quick to do what he wanted.

Jamie exploited not only girls but boys as well. He threatened the boys and their families by using violence and blackmailing them with photos and videos.

He made his victims work in windows in the red-light district, but especially in hotels and apartments. To Jamie it was all business. He could switch off his feelings, something he had learned earlier from his father. The work was dirty, but the money wasn’t. He felt he was a businessman doing business.

After 35 reports to the police, Jamie was sentenced to four years in prison, with involuntary treatment. He is now being treated, but according to Jamie it has come far too late. He should have received treatment when he was expelled from boarding school. Now that he’s older, he sees things differently. In the future he wants to advise children in schools.

Source: STBY / WDCD No Minor Thing. Fier Magazine