• 36 years old
  • sex buyer

Piet visited the same prostitute a number of times. Each time he got to know the girl better. He suspected that she was lying about who she really was and that she might be in trouble. That didn’t feel right. After one of their encounters, Piet started to investigate. He tracked her down online and found out who her mother was. He phoned her anonymously and told her that her daughter was having sex for money.

The girl’s mother then went to the police. An investigation was launched and her human trafficker was arrested. It eventually came out that Piet had paid her for sex too. When his family and friends found out, he lost his job, his marriage and all contact with his children. Although he had had sex with a minor, Piet wasn’t sentenced because he was a whistle-blower.

Source: STBY / WDCD No Minor Thing. Story based on a conversation with an official from the Dutch Public Prosecution Service